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Not one, but THREE Stereotimes reviewers have given QSA fuses their endorsement for 2020 Most Wanted Components. Read below to see what each reviewer had to say.

publisherschoice2020.jpgQuantum Science Audio Ultra High-End Fuse ($2,844 ea): "...Upon placing two of the QSA Red/Black fuses in each Behold amplifier (I have two amps which require two fuses each - plus an extra fuse for my preamp), I turned up some music and just sat there slackjawed. The room filled with sounds from the studio I never detected before. When cymbals hit, the rivets sounded like rainfall. WTF is going on??? The music developed a renewed sense of PRaT that it never had prior. The music began flowing out of my loudspeakers in a way that closely resembled the Audio Note gear in my downstairs rig. That's an 8-watt 300B SET setup and sounds ever so sweet and delicate. The upstairs rig is more like a 600 lbs gorilla - with wings: bigger and bolder, but with the same earmarks that relay the music in the purest sense of the word. These are sonic enhancements said to be impossible to achieve from solid-state components and digitally-based systems. Not True.

...The QSA doesn't sound like a significantly impressive-sounding fuse as much as it sounds like a hidden technologhoused inside of a significantly impressive-sounding fuse. The QSA Red/Black fuses somehow freed up what I can only describe as bottlenecking occurring inside the amplifier and directly at the fuse-holder. ...Yes, the QSA products are insanely expensive, as are a lot of things in our hobby. But make no mistake, the QSA Red/Black fuses are also about the most impressive after-market tweak to have graced my listening space. Yick Man was right; his fuses do sound as good as any $10,000 AC cords I've owned. (Review in the works Clement Perry)
Quantum Science Audio Ultra High-End Fuse ($2,844 ea):  My first reaction to hearing about the benefits of changing to these fuses was incredulity, to say the least. Then, when learning the price, I actually laughed out loud and said ”no way, I don’t give a s**t  what they do.” I now have to admit that I have to eat those words. The sonic improvements these fuses make are simply astonishing and that is an understatement. In my system (Behold BPA768 amp & pre-amp), there were immediate and DRAMATIC improvements in every aspect of sound that you can think of, (bass, midrange purity, sweet highs, immense soundstage, etc.) with the result that everything becomes more like the real thing and listening pleasure is increased to a level that continues to amaze.  Are they worth the money? Let’s just say I, and others, have spent far more for an improvement in sound that falls far short of what these things do.  (Ron Cook) 


Quantum Science Audio Ultra High-End Fuse  ($2844 ea): "... Once installed I could not believe the effect that took place in my system after a 24-36 hour break-in period. My system was currently functioning at an exceptionally outstanding high level. I thought any improvement in the sound, going forward, would be a small one. Boy, was I wrong! These tiny miracles allowed my system’s current significant attributes to expand beyond what I thought possible. Every characteristic we lovers of music hold important in sound reproduction became so much more pronounced. I’m delighted to say that at least four Stereo Times colleagues who now have these fuses in our systems have all experienced a similar dramatic result...this is one time where all of us who took the plunge feel it was well worth the cost. This is why I have chosen this QSA fuse as my 2020 Stereo Times Most Wanted Component. (Dan Secula) 

"...many high-end audio tweaks I've heard sound great, but none have matched the QSA's remarkable performance. I repeat, none." - Clement Perry, StereoTimes

"Same..." Mike Garner, Tweek Geek