Bybee Technologies AC-Module

Introducing the newest and most exciting of all the Bybee Technologies products – The AC Module.  

This new product incorporates the Bybee filtering technology in combination with a revolutionary principle to create a device that outperforms any prior Bybee product and/or any other product currently on the market. 

The Bybee AC Module creates a holographic, 3D sound stage imaging that is unattainable anywhere else in the stereo industry.   It works best in power conditioners and amplifiers, however it can be effective in any equipment where space permits.  The product is designed to be internally installed, and inserted after the IEC (incoming AC) on both positive and negative legs, and on the ground wire.  The unit can be soldered or crimped into place.  It is recommended that the unit be secured to the chassis of the component via Velcro, glue, or other means.    The AC Module is bi-directional and passive.   Actual size: 4 3/8 inch long x 2 inch wide x 1 inch high

AC-module kommt gerade aus den Staaten und wird ausgiebig in verschiedenen Einbausituationen getestet. Bericht folgt, Aktualisierung erfolgt unter "Bybee Technologies"

Neben zwei ganz speziellen AC-bullets wird ein weiterer bullet nun auch erstmalig für den Erdleiter verwendet. Der gezielte Einsatz von Kristallen im Modul ist ebenso ein "streng gehütetes" Geheimnis......

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Abmessungen: 10,5 x 5 x 2,5 cm

Stückpreis: EUR 1195,00